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As I looked him straight in the eye and slapped the hard oak paddle against my palm, I informed him that I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I ever caught him mast. Where did they find such a tall Domme? For a brief moment, I considered my options and I actually gave some thought to resisting her physically. I could feel his heavy weight against me and it was equally obvious I could do nothing whatsoever about it. My eyes crossed and I squealed loudly, sounding more like a little girl than a grown man. So despite his frantic protests, I humped his virgin a-s for an hour that night as he cried into his pillow.

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At the same time, I felt my temperature rising in a sudden unexpected surge of anger. Bobby would often complain to me later that, in addition to the innumerable humiliations she had subjected him to, his new babysitter had refused to grant him his one, rationed orgasm.

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A Submissive Sissy

Finally one day, I relented and we went out on a first date. And you can bet that as he was blushing furiously, the salesgirl was laughing her a-s off! He would be subject to my will since he had none of his own and he would do my bidding, regardless of the circumstances. I had him strip down and then told him to sit on the edge of the bed. As a matter of fact, when I began fitting his c-ck and balls into the device, he naturally began to get excited and I found it was necessary to chill his genitals with the ice cold washcloth. I say everybody, because Bobby's unique situation is well known to all our friends, as well as my mother. Because I don't always have the time or inclination to change his wet diapers or put him to bed in his nursery, so I hired Julie to help out on occasions like today. He didn't like it, that's for sure, but I told him he'd just have to get used to it. The CB seemed to be the perfect combination of practicality and security. I just didn't feel that an immature sissy like him was entitled to such an adult pleasure. I wanted him to be absolutely clear on what I meant and expected. However, the result was the same. It was then, while he lay over my lap sobbing like a baby, that I had my epiphany. It goes without saying that Bob didn't fall into that particular category, but on the other hand, I didn't mind getting a steady stream of gifts including jewelry, clothes and eventually a new car, so for the time being, I decided to keep stringing him on for a while. It was absurd to think that a woman of my needs could be satisfied by someone like him and I was still being swamped with offers from good looking men. While most women in my position would have probably laughed in his face, I actually gave it some careful consideration and then came back with my own counter proposal. I could tell from his enthusiasm that he was enthralled by the idea although I think he regretted showing his cards so readily. He, on the other hand, could think of nothing else, and he was getting horny as hell, continually begging me to give him some kind of relief. If only he had known! I more or less tolerated him, since we worked together and he pestered me continually about dating him. I decided then and there that Bob wasn't ready for the privilege of cumming so it was time for me to control that part of his life as well. I was rolling on the couch with laughter but Alyssa told me that a big baby like him should be wearing diapers, not the sissy panties I made him wear. At first, I didn't take her seriously but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I was also enjoying dating several men at once, sleeping with those that I thought were the sexiest and best looking. This was confirmed when I allowed him to c-m while wearing a pair of panties that he was swooning over one night. It could be the fact that I arbitrarily extended his sentence of chastity for another month, or it could be that he was upset about the date I was going on this evening. Knowing how small his pen-s is, I was concerned that the CB would be too big for him, allowing him to escape for some unauthorized masturbation. I pocketed the key and made a mental note to take it to work with me the following day to keep it forever out of his grasp. During the first year of our marriage, I didn't take it any farther than that, but I soon found myself needing the strong arms of a real man around me.{/PARAGRAPH} Thus, cut off from his masturbatory misadventures, Bob was completely controlled and subject to my whims. He whimpered like a little baby when it became obvious what the device was used for and he begged me profusely not to subject him to such measures. Later, when I got home, I did some work on the computer myself, searching the net for a foolproof chastity device to prevent Bob from playing with himself again. It all started three years ago when I met Bob. However, on our wedding night, I told him I had other ideas in mind about our first night of sex and he nearly fainted when I introduced him to my eight inch strap-on dildo. This drove him mad initially, but between the sexual deprivation, and my vigorous use of the paddle, Bob soon fell into line. I pulled his diapers down and put him over my lap as I would any misbehaving child, and paddled his bottom until he was bawling like the big crybaby everyone knows he is. With tears in his eyes, I pinned him into his first diaper, after which I made a little ceremony of cutting up all his underwear. Now, a girl needs security, and even though I, as a lingerie model, was being bombarded with propositions from plenty of hunky men, none had the financial backing that Bob did. My husband, Bobby, is standing with his nose in the corner, quietly sobbing, as he contemplates the ill-advised temper tantrum that he threw this afternoon. I liked the idea of keeping him constantly horny, while depriving him of any means of satisfying himself. It is especially well known to his babysitter, Julie, a girl just out of high school that is five years junior to him. Now, instead of one every week, I increased it to one every two weeks, which later got increased further to three weeks. I can't say that he impressed me, either with his looks, or his physique, which I thought were rather pathetic, actually. I yanked him over my lap and proceeded to blister his butt with my hairbrush, scolding him like I were his own mother. So despite that fact that he was in fact willing to meekly submit to my intentions, I still felt it would help set him down the right path, if he started it with a sore and stinging bottom. So despite his frantic protests, I humped his virgin a-s for an hour that night as he cried into his pillow. If we were going to have sex, it was going to be on my terms I informed him. I'm not sure what it was that finally sent Bobby over the edge today. Two days later, it arrived, and I ordered Bob into the bedroom while I brought in a basin of ice water with a washcloth in it. I found what I wanted online after hours of careful research. I was getting plenty of notice doing my modeling and if that were not enough, the skimpy outfits I liked wearing certainly got me more than just looks. By the end of the week, I had a good starting wardrobe for Bobby, and when he came home from work, I met him at the door with the paddle in my hand. In effect, I would be the head of the house as well as our marriage. One day, I came home from work early, only to discover him mast. After he had finished, and I had locked him back into his CB, an idea began to form in my head that would be intended to both excite and humiliate Bob. During his tearful apology that followed, Alyssa pointed out what a baby he seemed to be and she even started talking to him as if he were an errant two year old. I could tell he was very excited by them while I was sauntering around the house, in them and little else, so I suggested he mast. Nonetheless, I felt it was prudent to start his new lifestyle with another good hard spanking, just to further cement our new relationship. You should have seen the look on his face! He looked absolutely ridiculous as he stood before me, sniffling, while I pulled a pink pair of plastic panties up and over his thick, bulging diaper. Of course, this made him even more subservient than before and our unequal relationship only became even more lopsided in my favor. This would serve as a constant reminder to him what his role was and who the real head of the house was. I responded immediately by pulling him over my lap and giving him a good spanking right in front of her. Bob is both physically smaller and psychologically inferior to me, so I had little difficulty in forcing him to do whatever I wanted. One weekend afternoon, my friend Alyssa was visiting and Bob failed to show her the proper respect that I demand of him toward the superior sex. As I looked him straight in the eye and slapped the hard oak paddle against my palm, I informed him that I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I ever caught him mast. This tended to make him even more subservient and servile than he already was. Meek as always, he bowed to my superior will and followed me into the room. Still, my girlfriends told me to dump the wimp who they thought was nothing but a big sissy and get one of the hot studs that were beating a path to my doorway every day. This had the effect of giving him the impression that I had a serious interest in him, and before long, he went so far as to ask me to marry him. My reaction was swift and immediate. As usual, I kept my plans to myself and I spent another long night, ordering all kinds of things over the internet. That's right, Bobby has a babysitter. At first, I ordered just the basics; cloth diapers, plastic pants, several dresses and onesies. Of course, he readily agreed to these conditions but I don't think even he knew quite what was in store for him. That put a hold on his ardor, at least, long enough to get him fitted into the restrictive chastity restrainer. Up to that point, I had forbidden him any kind of sexual contact between us, beyond a peck on the cheek, which had the effect of making him very eager to consummate our wedding. And by that I mean, real men, not sissies like Bobby. I really enjoyed flirting with them, even when Bobby was nearby, just so I could make him feel inadequate which is exactly what he was. I realized that the first thing I needed was a decent paddle. I also decided I had been far too generous with his orgasm schedule and I decided to double the time he was required to wait between them. I would agree to marry him only if he was willing to abide by all my decisions. He went through a range of emotions from his initial anger, to frustration, to fear, and eventually, to resignation. It seemed like a natural step that he should be subject to further humiliation at my hands so I decided to take things further by making him dress in panties and feminine nightwear while doing his chores. It was then that I decided it was time to start seeing other men. His immature behavior required constant discipline and I decided then and there to be his new mommy. I removed nearly all the spacers and got the contraption assembled as he watched with interest, thinking foolishly it might be something he'd enjoy. As he was drying his eyes, I told him to get dressed because we had some shopping to do. However, I was firm in my resolve and in no time I had his tiny little package locked away securely with a titanium lock where it couldn't get into any more trouble. Now that we were living together, I came to realize that my friend's initial assessment of Bob as a sissy, was dead on. I took him down to my favorite fetish store and with the help of a very pretty salesgirl, we picked out a stout wooden paddle that would serve my needs and Bob's bottom quite nicely. {PARAGRAPH}I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! While I am quite well naturally endowed in that area, I didn't believe for one second, his story about trying to say that he was fantasizing about me while doing his dirty deed. He was quick to brag about how much money he had inherited and sure enough, he proved to be a big spender in the time we were together. I ordered one and gladly paid the next day shipping charge. He was very curious and a little bit concerned about what I had in mind but I merely informed him to do as he was told without giving him any details. Why would a 23 year old man require a babysitter, you ask? Initially, I decided on a once per week release for him, subject to the satisfactory completion of a long list of chores I made for him every Sunday.
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