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I sounded like a broken record, but eventually I honestly think they got tired of me and sent me on my way with my money. Since my last comment I have gone back twice; this time to try the massages. I can not say strongly enough that Seacret I know is not what people are posting bad reviews on. While I appreciate and respect everyone's opinions and experiences and do not disagree with or seek to prove anyone wrong, I would simply like to point out that the kiosks do not represent the entirety of Seacret as a company. The products are probably nice but too high priced and ridiculous return policy says it is a scam and they don't care about their products.

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I do admit that I spent So the man approached me and gave me the soap. Been doing the circuit of spa's to find my place and this is closer to a glory hole then a high end spa. All things to do in Montreal So he starts poking around on his register and after ten minutes of THAT he eventually tells me that he needs authorization???

teker. Age: 35 yo. Looking for a good laugh and then some more fun.

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Although I was super proud of the gorgeous suntan that I had for so many years, the sun did start taking its toll on the skin of my face. I started using it with no actual belief that it would help, but with the hope that the natural healing from the Dead Sea Minerals would do the trick and help me get rid of some of those horrible lines, or at least prevent them from forming so fast! It's gentle with my skin. I walked over to the other side of the mall and they didn't put it back on my card instead they gave me cash so I will be calling PNC Bank to tell them to freeze my card from that transaction and any "future" ones as well. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I ripped my hand from his and walked away. These are great products! And I will always make sure to tell all my friends and family NOT to buy from them. However, I immediately found that the body butter was the best moisturizer I had ever used in that it: In contrast, lanolin or petroleum jelly are excellent moisturizers but they leave skin shiny and wet to the touch, which I do not want during the daytime. Which I should know better because my skin is really sensitive. Then really hard sell started. I had first heard of Seacret Spa from a friend, who'd told me very passionately I might add that their products have visible results, and that these are really recommended. He then took my hand and forced a cream in it not asking if I was allergic to anything or if he could touch me , he then proceeded to rub my hand while looking deeply in my eyes trying to flirt with me which made me VERY uncomfortable. He was very aggressive. It's the best I've found. I know the drill, as I have been to many retail stores as well as kiosks. A link has directed you to this review. By the way, I have been using Ocean Mist scent because it had the lightest scent among the options available when I purchased the product at the mall kiosk. I read some of the reviews here and think it's unfortunate that people judge the sales technique and not the products. The Agents' prices are best, but as an alternative health professional, I got turned off by all the free product samples potential customers expected me to supply, and this was my cost, not Seacret's. The salesman at the mall kiosk was pretty convincing so I purchased a variety of Seacret products on a whim about 3. I need to go. People claiming you pay dollars and one says dollars. I can not say strongly enough that Seacret I know is not what people are posting bad reviews on. Like if it was a day ago or a week ago? I'm still so pissed off. I was on holiday in Malta and went into the Point Shopping Mall. After walking around a while my skin was burning so I went back to see if they would either take it as a return - 45 minutes later - or let me exchange for products which don't go on my face.{/PARAGRAPH} I signed on as a Seacret Agent, so I never had the creepy mall experience this feed is full of. Hope you get shut down. But today was too much when one girl RAN to me, entered my personal space with her tube of cream and pushing me against a glass display so I couldn't walk away. And then I came across an ad or an article about Seacret. Dude asked me when the last time I showered was. I then asked him if he had any kids and he told me no. He told me he could not do the refund that I had to talk to the manager. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. First thing I came across upon looking for Seacret, was the reviews on this website. Since I started using Seacret products 4 months ago I have 2 masks and eye serum I see a real improvement in my skin tone, fine lines are less visible and I have significantly less breakouts. I told his ass that I have money for my two kids that's it. The customer service is amazing and they email me straight back. I went online, directly to their website, and to be honest, I was shocked. They are also reasonable in price as a Preferred Customer, which I now am. I turned back and told this dude "I'm sorry but I don't have the money. No matter how good the products are this is an immoral way to treat people. I have to say that I am seriously glad I didn't follow my gut on this one. I really liked the fact that the products were made from Dead Sea minerals because I know about their natural healing properties. It should be illegal. I'm not the kind of person to exaggerate, but the high price, though I understand is not for everyone, it's totally worth it. That's insane for two products. As my account was being processed. After some pressured sales I stupidly believed what they told me and bought some skin care stuff. I Googled it and came across the online store. Ocean Mist has worked fine but I'd rather have something that had no scent if the option is available. I have used high end cosmetics and skin care since my teens, and when I came across Seacret products, I fell in love. Well then he'd throw things in for free and I still said, "No I don't have the money. These people are just plain lying. I have read loads of reviews on here and I am shocked. It cost 59 dollars to join. So, it didn't take much to convince me to place an order. That's why I felt obligated to come back here. But when I go to my job or am getting together with family or friends, I prefer to use Seacret body butter. For the past 12 years I've been putting a lot of efforts in facial treatments and paid good dollars high quality and effective skin care products. At this time another gentleman appeared. I decided to write a review because all the anger from the mall experiences seems to drown out the facts. Our teenage daughter swiped mom's credit card and purchased the entire "collection. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! I've been using it ever since. I consider myself picky when it comes to the cosmetic products I buy. It took a lot of convincing for me to overlook the dismay this thread of reviews has shown. I'm a huge cosmetics consumer. I know what is reasonable, so now I am a Preferred Customer and so pleased to still use the products, they are all excellent! I didn't have the patience or interest to use the stuff that cleans the dead skin cells or most of the other products I bought. The young lady before us left in tears. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Am I glad I got convinced! I'm sure it's hard to separate the 2 when you have such experience, but if you don't like the salesperson, just go and buy the products online. Sounds like a scam to me. I've been recommending them to friends and family. He was shouting at me to purchase the product, saying how could I not buy it. Sure enough, I Googled them and specifically looked up the peeling gel. I kept telling this dude I didn't have money like that. I've travelled a lot in my life, and in every mall I go, these idiots try to scam me. I decided to purchase a dead sea scrub and body cream. I tried so many creams and treatments, but nothing had an effect. Why would a 17 year old with perfect skin need this stuff, unless "someone," gave her a BS sales pitch. When my lines started getting deeper and deeper I got downright depressed and started looking for ways to get rid of them, or at least to stop them from forming so fast. As I have Psoriasis I was drawn to the Seacret stall. One last thing, and I'm sorry for getting all philosophical, but hey, it's the internet: I noticed that most of the anger and negative reviews on here are due to bad service - this website doesn't distinguish between the quality of the service and the quality of the product - but it's our place as consumers to provide a broad enough picture, in a way that would make sure that even though we're angry, we do not review out of revenge, but because we want future consumers to engage or avoid the products we purchased. I was walking around with my kids 2 years and 8 months when I was bombarded by a gentleman named Roi. I was encouraged to buy a peel, serum and cleanser which I decided to do. I love the products and my family do too. {PARAGRAPH}This company is not yet accredited. I literally forgot anything good my friend told me before. To save money, I will occasionally use Eucerin Daily Lotion on my scalp, especially if I'm just doing yard work or just running errands. I shaved my head bald at the beginning of and use Seacret body butter on most days to keep on my scalp moisturized without having a glossy sheen. My favorite is the mask and soap. I was shown a not to be missed thermal mask.
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