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Retrieved June 9, He tries to find a job to earn money. Archived from the original on April 18, Handy and Disco Bear sort of. Giggles confronts Lumpy when she catches him emptying his garbage truck in a lake. Splendid, Lifty and Shifty Featuring:

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Views Read Edit View history. Webarchive template wayback links Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs Articles with short description Use mdy dates from March Retrieved from " https: With appearances by The Mole and Lumpy Deaths: This page was last edited on 21 February , at While Lumpy and Russell go fishing, they find a treasure map.

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Happy Tree Friends - Wikipedia

This article needs additional citations for verification. Giggles meets a giant played by Lumpy , and must stop him, for he is making food with a nasty recipe. Handy fails to build a house for Giggles, so he gets help from his friends. Flaky and Flippy Featuring: Disco Bear finds that he is overweight and feeling insecure, goes to the gym to work out that thing. Petunia catches fire on her tail while making waffles. When Lifty and Shifty take it from the trash, they find that it is a magic lamp. Cuddles blown up by Splendid , Petunia sliced by Splendid's laser horizontally , Toothy same as Petunia but vertically , Sniffles splattered against tree house walls , Nutty same as Sniffles , Handy sliced by ice sheet , Lumpy flee to the space , Flaky sucked to whirlpool and burned by lava geyser , Russell same as Flaky , Lifty and Shifty same as Flaky , The Mole same as Flaky , Cro-Marmot Same as Flaky , Giggles her head burned by lava geyser, debatable and Cub torn apart in a dryer. After being arrested by Officer Lumpy, Handy and The Mole go on the lam and dragging a heavy ball to their chain. Lumpy's prized corn that he has been raising for years is sabotaged by a crow. Cuddles was a no. Russell, Lifty and Shifty Featuring: Lifty and Shifty try to steal Christmas , but it won't be easy trying to ransack Flippy's home. List of Happy Tree Friends episodes. The Mole and Russell Featuring: Cro-Marmot and Lumpy Featuring: Nutty, Handy, Cuddles, Flaky and Lumpy. Pictures from the first six episodes were available on G4's website. Russell electrocuted by guitar , Handy falls off stage and cracks head open , Sniffles tongue caught in recorder film then organs are pulled out Lumpy Exploded by speaker's extremely high volume , and Cuddles turned into sofa by mole thinking it was blood. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Apparently, she has a bad cold, and it was up to Sniffles to save Lumpy and Giggles. Each half-hour episode of the television series consisted of three seven-minute segments.

A single television season of Happy Tree Friends aired from September 25 to December 25, , on the now-defunct G4 network. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Giggles, Cuddles, Toothy, Flaky and Russell. The Happy Tree Friends go to Lumpy's funfair over but the roller coaster seems to be incomplete, troubling both the riders and Lumpy himself.

Lumpy removes the butter from Disco Bear's heart, but his heartbeat stops. Thirteen half-hour episodes were produced, made up of a total of 39 seven-minute segments. Now he has to get his hair and his beloved afro back or he'll face humiliation. Nutty and Lumpy Featuring: While The Mole is photographing for the newspaper, Splendid has to save many people who need to be rescued.

Lifty and Shifty, also discovering it, go after the treasure. Giggles and Lumpy Featuring: At Petunia's lights store, she throws away a lamp that doesn't work. Handy, The Mole and Lumpy Featuring: Cub and Pop buy a puppy that seems harmless at first, but attacks them. Nutty trades his cow to Lifty and Shifty for some magic jellybeans. Lumpy uses the blueprint paper to fold a crane as they create a house for her.

Lumpy Pop and Cub Featuring: Petunia uncredited killed by a squid , Sniffles uncredited killed by a squid , Handy uncredited killed by a squid , Toothy uncredited killed by a squid , Cub killed by Whistle , Giggles uncredited mauled by Whistle , The Mole uncredited mauled by Whistle , Disco Bear intestines pulled by Whistle , Mime hit by car , Lifty and Shifty smashed into a tree and Lumpy uncredited killed by numerous dogs.

Petunia and Lumpy Featuring: With an appearance by Disco Bear Deaths: Disco Bear, Lumpy and Petunia. Lumpy attempts to catch it, but the puppy escapes and goes insane whenever it hears a whistle. Meanwhile, they have to escape a killer whale deep below. The Happy Tree Friends television series was first screened at San Diego Comic-Con , and some of the episodes were made available on the website a few weeks prior the show's television premiere on September 25, at midnight on the G4 network.

Splendid and The Mole Featuring: Giggles, Flaky, and Sniffles discover the Cursed Idol, which summons a crack to kill them. As Giggles pumps life into Disco Bear's body, Lumpy has to find a replacement heart. The Canadian channel Razer aired the show in syndication as did the Citytv stations throughout Canada.

This needed needs additional citations for verification. Giggles confronts Lumpy when she catches him emptying his garbage truck in a lake. Archived from the original on April 18, Retrieved from " https:

Can Sniffles survive the danger? Pop and Cub Sniffles Featuring: Sniffles uses a time machine to help the Happy Tree Friends on the playground. Giggles Suffocated by a giant paper sign , Mime Smashed to the ground by a tree , Cuddles shredded in a metal pulley , Shifty Shredded by trucks on a semi , Toothy hit by a semi and Lifty ripped up by a pogo stick. While Lumpy and Russell go fishing, they find a treasure map. Lumpy and Sniffles find an injured Giggles outside her house. Lumpy the optometrist prescribes a seeing-eye dog for The Mole and contact lens for Russell. Disco Bear Slit in the throat by flippy then grenade stuck in his throat , Petunia Jumped on by flippy from a high distance , Giggles Outstretched eyes caught in an airplane propeller then organs pulled out , Sniffles shot by many arrows by flippy , Mime shot by a flaming arrow by flippy , Nutty water gun is squirted into his mouth until he explodes In Part 2: Cuddles smashed by Cro-marmot , Toothy smashed by Cro-Marmot , Lifty and Shifty stabbed in the throats by flying flutes , and Flippy run over by a semitruck. Each episode of the television series was a half-hour long, and consisted of three seven-minute segments. Nutty impaled through the chest on a ring toss peg displaying his heart , Mime many nails on a fence impale him through the face , Cuddles bleeds to death after loss of hands , Handy cut by glass , Shifty shredded in entryway , Lifty same as shifty , Lumpy ground on tracks by a moving roller coaster , Petunia vertebra breaks on impact of fall , Giggles bones broken on impact of fall and Sniffles roller coaster cart falls on him. As it is passed between Happy Tree Friends, their wishes result death. The fire then spreads to Giggles, and then the whole house. The animation for the TV show was done by Fatkat , while the opening and end credits were done by Ghostbot. Sniffles The Ant Family Featuring: With appearances by The Mole and Lumpy Deaths: Disco Bear has a burnt hair strand, but his barber, The Mole, cuts off everything but his sideburns. Giggles, Cuddles, Pop and Cub Deaths: Giggles decapitated by shrinking sweater , Cub turned into a pizza , and Lumpy mauled and eaten by a turtle. The next day, he and Giggles' house is in the sky after a beanstalk grew out of Nutty. Lumpy and Disco Bear Featuring: Handy and Disco Bear sort of. It also aired on Killerbee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pop and Cub Featuring: Flaky and her friends celebrate Flippy's birthday, until he flips out once again kills the fellows. He makes many attempts to stop it. Whenever he tries to stop them, he fails because they have the Kryptonut in possession. Mime calls the firefighters to help, but things don't go well. Lifty and Shifty Featuring: Pop, Cub, Mime and Flippy Deaths: Pop, Cub, Shifty and Lifty. Cuddles gets into big danger after playing telephone with Lumpy. Lumpy's beloved pet elephant would not listen to him, while Lifty and Shifty have plans with Lumpy's elephant. Pop loses Cub, but then when finds him playing in the mud while he bathes Cub in the kitchen sink but when he leaves to pick up the phone, he causes all sorts of trouble for him. Sniffles and Lumpy Featuring: Lumpy, Giggles and Sniffles. Splendid, Lifty and Shifty Featuring: Disco Bear eats deep fried butter, causing him to suffer a heart attack. When Splendid attacks Lifty and Shifty, they use Kryptonut as a distraction to make him puke violently and fall sick. The boat catches fire and the Happy Tree Friends are marooned in the Arctic. Lumpy and Lifty and Shifty Featuring: Cuddles got snake venom spit in his eyes by Lumpy and impaled by rock , Toothy arm bitten by cobra and impaled by rock , Petunia drank poison water and impaled by rock , Nutty body sliced by grizzly bear , Sniffles burned and impaled by rock , Flaky body turned into nest by eagle , and Lumpy mauled by a grizzly bear. Disco Bear and Lumpy Featuring: Toothy, Nutty, Cub, Handy, and Cuddles.
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