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It is one of those websites were you think that you know all about the subject matter, but come away thinking, 'well I never knew that! Peter Ball is a doctor who specialises in the penis and is a keen fan of foreskin restoration. Then respect their desire and stop doing what ever you were doing. The topics tend not to be openly discussed, but there is a definate interest from the readers of my website. As I've said above, I'm no expert on circumcision, but during circumcision, the frenulum is not necessarily removed.

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It also looks better. Good hygiene is vital. I remember it being great fun, but prior to that, I do not even remember being aware that my penis was able to get erect, let alone anything else that it might be able to get up to. If so send me your video! If you would lke to air your views on the subject, the either write a piece for the 'Ageing Process' of my webpage, or contact Jonathan and help him with his research. It connects the underneath section of the shaft skin to the glans.

Victoria_Gunn. Age: 27. To enjoy the company of a woman and love sex ,,,,,just enjoy afun time.

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The answer seems to be - whatever you have is normal! In fact nothing will happen at all as nobody takes any notice. On the odd occasion when my penis gets or starts to get stiff on a nude beach, it will mean that I am happy, relaxed, enjoying a pleasurable experience, normally witnessed by a smile on my face and do not offer danger to anybody. I am not suggesting for one moment that men should wave their stiff penises at every passer-by. A description of their webpage is given below, which gives a much better summary of the subject than I could attempt: There are galleries in order of size, from the larger to the more compact penis. I've recently found a new website which in many ways is very similar to my erections webpage. What's more, if it does decide to 'pop up' the reaction you are likely to get could vary from ' disgusting' to it being ignored as 'I've seen them before and they all look very much the same'. The penis regularly comes in all shapes and sizes from one inch to one foot long! The giant, whose name may derive from the Celtic fertility god Cernunnos, has the legendary power to cure barrenness in women, and childless couples still copulate while lying on the grass in the giant's phallus. Getting an erection is a perfectly natural occurrence and happens to all men at times. This example on the left appears to be rather extreme. Many times the man wishes it to practice and it does not wish to; many times it wishes to and the man forbids it. As a nudist, I'm quite familiar with the variation in size between different soft penises. Assume that half the people are married, then half the women ie, those married will have seen a stiff penis. Then respect their desire and stop doing what ever you were doing. This confers with the human intelligence and sometimes has intelligence of itself, and although the will of the man desires to stimulate it, it remains obstinate and takes its own course, and moving sometmes of itself without licence or thought by the man, whether he be asleep or waking, it does what it desires. It seems, therefore, that this creature has often a life and intelligence separate from man and it would appear that the man is in the wrong in being ashamed to give it a name or exhibit, seeking rather constantly to cover and conceal what he ought to adorn and display with ceremony as one who serves. This rather conveniently brings me to the subject of penis size. The deep trenches cut into the chalk rock of the hillside outlining the giant's form have been maintained by generation after generation of local inhabitants. As you can see from the photo, the downs are still grazed by sheep. Maypole dancing still occurred at the site as recently as when Christian authorities finally suppressed the pagan festivals. However to a non-nudist reading this page they could be totally unaware of the differences in size a soft penis can be. An erection is a natural state, and is generally brought on by thoughts of a sexual nature. It obviously depends on where you are at the time and the given situation. For what it is worth, I have tried to document my thoughts on the subject below. It is clear that penis sizes do vary considerably, so what about vaginal size? They have an enlightened section on the subject of erections: What happens if my worst fear happens - I get an erection? You may not believe this now, but you will when you've seen the galleries! So come on girls, I know that you read my webpages, let me know just how important you think the issue of p enis size really is. There are currently over penis size photographs arranged in size related galleries from large to very small indeed. It is an unusual way to store your beer, and its no good if you like your beer cold. You might say that that was selfish , but then, there again you may not be bothered good old Norman. No one will mind and you will not be told off, criticised or asked to leave. Let me know if you learn anything! I do think that walking along with a stiff penis constitutes waving it! Normally I wouldn't contemplate publicly disclosing my thoughts on such a private topic.{/PARAGRAPH} All this talk of penis size is very male orientated, what do women think about the subject? Every male has a penis, and will therefore have seen a stiff penis before. I hope that you can make sense of them, and that they are not misinterpreted, so here goes! The group is called Gymnos who have a very informative webpage. It may be a part of Greek history, but it always amuses me when I see the 'giant penis' on display in quite innocent Greek post card shops! During prudish Victorian times the trenches of the giant's penis were filled with dirt and hidden beneath grass. As part of their webpage, the have a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section for prospective new members. Because so many men are curious about the penis. Apart from the obvious, it now includes my thoughts on: Its all about a taboo subject and convention! I always think that they are like a finger print, ie, no two are the same. My knowledge on the subject is limited, but I'm always willing to learn. A sight line taken up the giant's penis on May Day points directly at the sun as it rises over the crest of the hill. Its only reasonable to think that they vary in both depth and width similar to the variability of penis size. Below are two example of how the size changes from hot to cold. Whether you are a 'seasoned nudist' or a 'first timer' as a male you can not ignore that fact that a penis has a mind of its own, and can pop up without any say from its owner. So - what IS normal? Like the rest of my webpage and other things it has grown, and should now really be called 'Matters of the Penis', as it covers a wide field relating to the penis, even the bum is included! Is size as important to women as men would like to believe? He suggests that it is wrong to stop doing something that you enjoy on the basis that people might object to it. Will I be told off, criticised or even told to leave? According to one source, dates from BC. I think that the basic concern is that a man, when aroused will rape or have sexual intercourse with the nearest women around. The penis is one of the most variable parts of the human body, and its many forms, sizes But WHY have a site dedicated to penis size? Assuming that you are on a mostly nudist beach with no children around, then consider just who might be shocked. You might be interested in an article that was sent by Peter from Australia. As men we may wonder what other men have got, we may admire the sheer masculinity of the penis, or we may feel insecure about our size - but we are always thinking about our penises! If there are any purists out there, then you would probably say that size does not matter, but I've a sneaking suspicion that most men are curios about penis size, and how their penis compares, etc. Wildly dancing, hugely endowed, satyrs were shown with horse's tail and hoof, sometimes garbed as female, often engaged in pranks or contorted sexual coupling with each other, with men or with women. It is on sale on postcard shops along with the general views across the bay etc, and no one is bothered by it. A light hearted view on the subject can be seen from this British sea side post card, which shows the lighter side of the subject. I do think that people can get too hung up about the subject and take it too seriously. It is neat the way that the 'ring pull' is kept facing outwards. Facts About the Penis. HERE, you can see where you fit once and for all on the size scale - the results may surprise you, but one thing's for sure - you WILL know how you compare by the time you've seen the galleries! Another site worth a visit is ' The Penis'. There is a naturist group for men in Central London providing nude swimming with sauna and steam room and social events. Just to give and indication of a smallish one and a largish one, I've extracted two example from the Images of Size webpage: Even when a penis is flaccid it can change in size depending on its tempreature. It is full of photos discussing, showing and comparing erections and is well worth a look. As far as I'm concerned, it is a subject that just can't be ignored. While on the subject of postcards, the Greeks sell a postcard which is commonly available of a character called Seilinus I think who sports the most enormous erection well by my standards it is enormous. If they object, then let them say so. They have a couple of pages covering the penis and masturbation which may be of interest: I've lifted the articles from their webpages and put them into a separate page , I hope that you find it informative. It can happen at a swimming session and at a social function but the same thing applies - it does not matter and there is no need to feel embarrassed. Much closer to home, on the downs rising from the small Dorset village of Cerne Abas in Southern England, the meter tall Cerne giant and the Maypole mound above his head have marked a fertility power place since ancient times. And no wonder, since the penis is such an essential symbol of manhood and masculinity. The sight of a stiff penis is supposed to shock people, and waved with lewd intent, then shock will be the result and should not be condoned. His libidinous form on vases and amphoras accompanies most depictions of Dionysos and his maenads. Another interesting site, called 'My-Penis' , describes a personal account of a penis, its doings, its moods and functions, and accounts of its gloriously hard moments well, minutes, really, and sometimes even hours and its calmer, softer life hanging around waiting for something to happen? {PARAGRAPH}This section of my webpage originally described my thoughts on the subject of erections. This site will also prove that if you have a small penis then you are most definitely not alone! The Images of Size webpage gives a far more comprehensive indication of the how penis sizes vary. I've had an intertesting perspective on a woman's thoughts regarding penis size from Tina: Recently he shared with me your article on penis size and wondered what I thought about the subject. I can only speak from a personal point of view, but as I mentioned above, it does not take much to get my penis excited, and I find having a stiff penis a pleasurable experience. It is just one of those things that happens. I did read somewhere that it is not necessarily the sight of a stiff penis that bothers people,but the intent! If you like the idea of photos of very large cocks - or if you're just curious about how big a dick can be - or if you want to see a whole range of average penises, both cut and uncut, erect and soft, from both professional models and amateurs - well, you're in the right place! If you understood the above paragraphs, then award yourself a GCSE in psychiatric nursing Norman was a psychiatric nurse.
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