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Together the brides arrive weeping over the loss of Frankenstein's Monsterthe very key element needed to bringing life to their undead children. The Fury of Dracula. DVD Jan 24, "Please retry". The Studio That Dripped Blood! The famous Spanish cult film director Jesus Franco credits this film as the one that inspired him to enter the horror film genre inresulting in his highly acclaimed The Awful Dr. DVD Oct 25, "Please retry".

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However, considering how easily Dracula was able to knock away the bride that almost fed on Harker, it is likely that Dracula is stronger than them and could dispatch of them if he wished which may be why the brides never attempted to try and directly challenge him. DVD Oct 25, "Please retry". She and Aleera then led the newborn vampires into the village to feed on the hapless villagers.

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Brides of Dracula - Wikipedia

In the video game, Marishka was in a nearby church with her and her sisters surrounding Anna Valerious , until they were stopped by Van Helsing. At some point, Dracula sired Verona making her his first vampire bride, and it was likely her wish to be so given her admiration towards the count. Aleera managed to catch up with Anna atop of the castle, where she was run through with a silver stake. In the game of the same name, Aleera is the last bride to die but instead of Anna killing her, it is Van Helsing. He sent Verona, and Aleera to capture him. He is very fond of them as he implores them gently not to fear him when they cower in fear of his rage and they spring at him and hiss and caress him which he enjoys. This led to a fight between her and Anna. Retrieved from " http:{/PARAGRAPH} She is in fact the first bride to die, however instead of being shot with the crossbow, she was staked to the cross inside the church by Van Helsing. Gabriel, however, took up his Repeater Crossbow , and rushed to a nearby basin of holy Water. She is the youngest of Dracula's three current brides, and as such is forced to carry out menial tasks such as slaying any opposition that threatens their master's grand plans, though she doesn't seem to mind. At some point in history she was sired by the great vampire lord Count Dracula, turning her into a blood-thirsty vampire, and made to be one of his "brides". Anna persuaded Aleera to reject the offer, but didn't realize the hold Dracula now had over Aleera. She wishes nothing more than to have her children given the key to life which is accomplished through Frankenstein's creation. Gabriel dipped the tip of the crossbow into a basin, and fired several arrows tipped with holy water into her. Noticeably, among all the brides, Aleera was the one who respected their husband the most, openly addressing Dracula as "Master" and "Lord" when talking to or about him continuously throughout the film. She left the masquerade ball with Dracula after they had the monster, heading back to Castle Dracula. Marishka, finally realizing what he was attempting, swooped down to kill him, but she was too late. Given her elegant yet commanding demeanor it is suggested she is of noble blood, possibly royalty. Verona is entirely loyal to her master, eager to please him by any means necessary, though she isn't above disagreeing with him much to his immense displeasure. She fought him on the bridge of Castle Dracula before being killed. She and Verona almost drank her blood, but fled after Marishka's death. Anna would have been killed by Aleera had it not been for the monster's intervention. Together the brides arrive weeping over the loss of Frankenstein's Monster , the very key element needed to bringing life to their undead children. Marishka was the first bride to be killed off by Gabriel Van Helsing. Contents [ show ]. The experiment, using Velkan Valerious as the conductor, was a success, and their children were brought to life. She took part in the attack on the village, but confronted Anna before Verona. However they were stopped when they felt the death of their sister bride Marishka, causing the two to revert to their vampire forms, and flee back to Castle Dracula. It is also implied she is the first, and eldest of Dracula's brides in that she is seen ordering the other two about with condescending tones, and threatening facial expressions. Marishka's past life remains a mystery to all except her fellow brides, and her master Count Dracula, though it is implied she was a performer of some sort, possibly a dancer which is reflected in her attire, and her flirtatious, care-free attitude. The monster is lost as the windmill collapses, and is engulfed by the flames. At the beginning of the film Marishka, along with Aleera, and Verona are seen soaring over the mountains to regroup with Dracula after a heated battle with Frankenstein's monster. When Velkan found the Frankenstein monster, he informed Dracula, and his brides. In the past Aleera was part of Anna's crew as she learned how to fight from them. Sign In Don't have an account? Their plan was going accordingly, but then the baby vampires began to bloat, and burst into puddles of goo. Watching as their children died caused the pair to wail in agony, and flee back to Castle Frankenstein. They rush to rescue the creature from a nearby windmill that has been set ablaze, but they are too late. Using Velkan as a catalyst during the experiment proved to be too insufficient, and made the babies deficient. Once there, they tried to convince their master not to go through with another experiment that could result in the death of his children, but Dracula scared them into submission, and comforted them afterward. Verona was killed after realizing Van Helsing's carriage was a decoy carrying a stake bomb, which exploded, sending stakes into her body. Like her other sisters, Verona was seen at the beginning of the film mourning the the apparent death of the Frankenstein monster, who was needed to bring their children to life. She later confronted Carl and Anna in the tower where the werewolf cure was held. Marishka took great pleasure in toying with Gabriel, teasing him seductively until Verona's impatiently ordered her to cease with her flirtations, and finish him off. One day, while fighting Dracula, the Count told Aleera of his desire to have her join his harem, offering her eternal life and riches. Like her fellow brides, Verona's past is a complete mystery to all but herself, and her master Count Dracula. Like her sisters, Aleera was seen in the beginning of the film, mourning over the death of the monster. She, like Verona, tried to convince their husband not to go through with trying to bring their children to life, but they were frightened by his outburst, then comforted thereafter. They attacked Anna Varlerious' and the villagers with the intent of capturing her for their master. Marishka proceeded to attack Gabriel, knocking him around like some rag doll. The game version of Verona is similar in terms of death, in fact she is killed off the same way as she was in the movie, but fought Van Helsing when he was on the roof of the carriage. When Anna discovered this betrayal, it was too late for her to get her friend back and when she tried, Dracula flew away with Aleera and turned her. She, and Aleera manage to corner Anna in a nearby tavern, and attempt to feed on her. She was first encountered upon the monster hunter's arrival in Transylvania, and per Verona's orders was to kill him. She started visiting Dracula, charmed by him and welcomed by Verona and Marishka. {PARAGRAPH}The Brides of Dracula are the three mates that were chosen and turned by Count Dracula. She and Aleera then led the newborn vampires into the village to feed on the hapless villagers. Pinned, and with no hope of escape the holy water starts causing her skin to dissolve rapidly, and finally she screams as her body is reduced to ash, and bone. Despite the way she treats Marishka, and Aleera she states she loves them. She tumbled through the sky, and crashed into a church steeple. After Verona died, Aleera captured Anna and brought her back to Dracula, then was sent to find Van Helsing in order to discuss a trade.
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