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After several rounds of the tournament, Kokoro meets Helena, who, unbeknownst to Kokoro, is her half-sister. He knew about the Mugen Tenshin Ninja prior to meeting them, and disappears after losing to Kasumi in a fight in the lab. Nyotengu is playable in DOAX3. Judging by this, she seems quite aware of her cute appearance, and shows it through her win poses and and taunts. First appearing in DOA2 as the main antagonist, he escaped to the human world from the Tengu world after murdering his leader, Kuramasan Maouson.

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At the post-end credits, he and his son have a chat, confirming that the fourth stage of Project Alpha can begin as planned. He loses in the second tournament, but returns in the third tournament where he encounters Jann Lee.

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He crosses paths with La Mariposa, who reveals that she manipuated them into attacking the Tritower. He later claims the title of winner of the fifth DOA tournament after defeating Hitomi. After finding the treasure of an undead Egyptian pharaoh in DOA4 , Zack and Niki use their newfound wealth to form an unexplained contract with extraterrestrials who use a tractor beam to raise Zack Island now called "New Zack Island" from the ocean floor, allowing Zack and Niki to once again restore it into an island paradise for the ladies of Dead or Alive to come play in. GamesRadar featured him on their article "Kickass Bruce Lee Clones," citing his similarities with Bruce Lee and with one of his shouts featured in famous quotes. A power-hungry shinobi, Raidou seeks to master all of the Mugen Tenshin clan's techniques. However, it is later revealed that he was saved by the ambiguous alien abduction ray in Deus Ex Machina fashion. He then joins the second Dead or Alive tournament to seek out his forgotten past, encountering many who knew him, including Ayane, Kasumi, Ryu, and Helena; he is eventually bested by Ryu in the tournament. After Project Epsilon was deemed a failure, Hayate was abandoned and was later found in the Black Forest of Germany by Hitomi, whose family took him in. After surviving a failed attack on his life by an unknown sniper, Bayman decides to retaliate against his former client Donovan and shows up at the third tournament. Shortly afterwards, Zack goes to Las Vegas and using his earnings, bets it all in various casinos. Richard Epcar Dimensions -present [1] Voiced by Japanese: While he was on the Silk Road , he met Lauren, a young thief, and fell in love with her. Hayate uses the Torn Sky Blast to attack Raidou, but Raidou counters with his own version of the technique despite only seeing it once and defeats Hayate after a brief struggle, knocking him into a coma. He is playable in all console versions of the original Dead or Alive once unlocked. As Lauren died in Leon's arms, her final words were: He loses in the second tournament, but returns in the third tournament where he encounters Jann Lee. He encounters a Kasumi clone and he is later on forced to kill her. He is met at the tournament by Leifang, a girl he had saved some six years prior from a gang's attack. He then invites all the women of DOA under the false pretense of another tournament, who take the bait and arrive on the island where Zack, accompanied by his girlfriend Niki, convinces them to stay for a brief two-week vacation. In the time since she had become an accomplished martial artist, vowing to prove herself not helpless by defeating Jann Lee in the DOA World Combat Championship. In the film DOA: Dead or Alive , Zack is portrayed by Brian J. D is he name Genra. Bin Shimada Live-action actor: After hearing about the tournament, Zack enters to increase his popularity and make a name for himself, and apparently succeeds in that endeavor to an extent. He wins enough money to buy Zack Island , an extravagant private beach resort. After exhausting all his financial reserves, Zack enters the third tournament to earn more money so that he can enjoy a Las Vegas vacation. But before he saw any action, the Soviet Union collapsed. However, it is revealed he did not actually win the tournament, but Ayane, who defeated Omega Genra. As a result, Raidou was banished from his village. After the events of the third tournament, he returns to the desert oasis where he had buried Lauren, and sees the mirage of his lover who gives him a desert flower before disappearing, indicating that he has fulfilled her expectations. Like Tina in the English versions of the game, he, too, speaks with a Southern accent. He personally invited Hitomi, Tina, and Jann Lee to participate in the tournament. Bayman was born and raised as an orphan in the Soviet Union. Although, he wins, he is still dissatisfied, and he sets his sights on his new rival Rig. Yuri Lowenthal Dimensions -present [1] Voiced by Japanese: Hikaru Midorikawa Live-action actor: When Genra requested to Shiden for Ayane, the village's "cursed child"-, to help him in his duties, Hayate treated the girl with kindness, which most of the clan did not give her. His task fulfilled at the end, he no longer joins the DOA tournaments, though he still remains a playable character in later games. He later returned to gain the clan's signature technique, the Torn Sky Blast, and confronts Hayate after easily defeating Ayane. He aspired to join the military and became one of the Soviet Army's highly trained commandos. In the live-action film DOA: He is meant to test Donovan's newest invention rather than being tested on Project Epsilon and is the reason for Kasumi's entrance in the tournament, much like the first game. In DOA4 , he is revealed to be Eliot's teacher, and is the final boss for the latter's story mode. After proposing to Niki, Zack appear to be engulfed in a fiery explosion after a series of flaming meteorites once again destroys the island. Although he feels it was his duty to defeat Omega as leader of the clan, Hayate is bested by Ayane, who then proceeds to the final round and kills her foster father, citing that it was a personal affair. Zack enters the next tournament to please his fans and gain more money, in which he once again succeeds and then returns to his life of leisure. He also appears in DOA Dimensions as an unlockable character. Realizing the new regime would have no use for him, Bayman slipped through the cracks of the reformation and took up the life of a mercenary, putting his skills to good use in all manner of lethal assignments. He is only seen at the end of Eliot's chapter in DOA5's story mode, and he is ready to teach Eliot a more advanced kung-fu. Soon after, he regained his memory as Hayate and returned home to his village. White, retaining his natural personality. In DOA5 , two years after the fourth tournament, Bass is a worker at an oil rig and has befriended Rig. Donovan states that Hayate is stronger than Kasumi and that he has a "perfect blend of skill, timing and strength. He found particular pleasure in assassinations, especially challenging or high-profile assignments. After being freed by Lisa from Rig's trap, he helps Kasumi, Hayabusa and Ayane defeat the remaining clones. He no longer participates in the DOA tournaments, though he remains a playable character in later installments.{/PARAGRAPH} Unfortunately, the Zack Island has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Ayane attacked Raidou to defend Hayate and out of revenge for her birth, but was defeated. The fighting style he used was eagle claw. Raidou was killed by Kasumi in the first DOA tournament, thus deeming her its winner. In , Cheat Code Central ranked him as the fifth worst "video game dad", calling him "a blight on virtual humanity" and adding that "we can all agree the DOA universe is better off without this power-hungry monster. In the movie, he tries to persuade Tina to return to wrestling. The two were in a loving relationship until Lauren's sudden, tragic death in the desert. Not satisfied, Jann Lee enters later DOA tournaments to prove his fighting skills and looking to test himself against worthy opponents. Although he loses to Leifang in the fourth tournament, he manages to defeat her in the next one. He is no longer an assassin, but again works as a mercenary soldier. Strong is an unlockable and alternative costume of Bass. Bayman later also enters the fourth tournament seeking revenge on Donovan and fights Christie, supposedly to settle a score of the enmity that aroused between the two of them. Due to Ayane's departure after the tournament, Zack claims the title by default. In the second tournament, he wants to defeat Gohyakumine Bankotsubo because the nose of a tengu can cure any disease. He made the official international announcement for the next tournament and had a new arena built for it. {PARAGRAPH}The following is a list of characters from the Dead or Alive video game series, created by Tecmo and Team Ninja. In Dead or Alive 3 , Hayate was assigned as the new leader of the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, succeeding his father. After defeating Tina in the quarterfinals, he places third after losing to Jann Lee in the semifinals. He raped Ayame Hayate and Kasumi's mother who became pregnant with Ayane. In the fifth tournament, it is revealed that Bayman has survived the incident. Thomas Dimensions [1] Voiced by Japanese: He is also the widower of Alicia Armstrong, who died of a disease when Tina was only six years old, forcing Bass to take care of her by himself. His task completed, Bayman fled, now branded an outlaw. Consequently, Bass enters the DOA tournaments to put an end to her fame-seeking, only to fail at each attempt. During the chaos that erupts due to Ayane and Hayate's intervention, he frees himself, while his interrogators flee and are killed in the process with Ayane's spell effects. As both of their attacks collided, the resulting explosion threw Hayate into a tree, cracking his spine and sending him into a coma. Bass' character is far more lighthearted in the movie, even applauding Tina when she beats him. In the fourth tournament, Zack's sights are already set on his next conquest: Unfortunately, the tower catches on fire as a result of the Mugen Tenshin attack as Zack is climbing it, but he manages to escape the flames, saving Helena's life in the process. He helps Hayate and Ayane find their target, first being Kasumi clone, then take them to MIST secret hideout within the offshore, and departs. After his men are appears to be massacred at the hands of a Kasumi clone called Phase 4, but was spared, Bayman goes to Helena for answers, and decides to look into this on his own. He first joins the DOA tournament to assassinate Fame Douglas, and later joins the DOA3 tournament to retaliate against Donovan for the attempt on his life by a sniper. In the live-action adaptation, Bass is played by professional wrestler Kevin Nash. However, after the events of DOA2 , he still needed money for the operation the nose was only a temporary cure , so he joins again in DOA3. He is later returned in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round as a cyborg, becoming MIST's secret agent after Donovan retrieved his corpse and removed some of his memories, except his insatiable lust for power, death and revenge remains intact. The two formed a strong bond, although Hayate did not know that Ayane was actually his half-sister, conceived when his uncle, the rogue ninja Raidou, raped Ayame when Hayate was only seven years old. He appears as the final boss in Hitomi's story mode as Ein , where he offers to help the latter rebuild her father's dojo if she could beat him in a fight. He is then made the winner of the fourth tournament due to his bravery Helena was the original winner. He also seems to have some interest in Tina, as in the games; in his last appearance of the film, Zack fights Tina and is defeated by her. Hayate ran to her side, but when Raidou called him a "weakling" for hiding behind a woman, Hayate attacked him in rage, using the Torn Sky Blast to fight Raidou who stole it from him. He decides to re-enter the ring after the next tournament is announced, mainly after hearing that Tina will participate. In the fourth tournament, it is revealed that he intends to win so he would have enough money to enter the "Hyper Battle Grand Prix", which he then loses after seeing Tina's picture on a billboard and crashes into it after losing control of his bike.
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